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Azuki's Huge Goals For 2024

GameStop Halts NFT Platform

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🚩 NFT Sales Are Surging
⛩️ Azuki 2024 Updates: Anime, Physical, and Gaming
💧 What’s Dropping in Crypto

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  • Taproot Wizards: On Jan 24th is launching “Quantum Cats” a 3,333 Ordinal collection with a 1 of 1 being featured at Sotheby’s. (@quantumcatsxyz)

  • 124%: The amount that web3 dAPPS surged in 2023 according to DappRadar. (CP)

  • Azuki: Two grail Azuki NFTs sold last night each for $225k+ (90 ETH; 95 ETH), making the floor 98 ETH (@thedropnft)

  • GameStop bails on it’s NFT marketplace after just 18 months of operating. (DT)

  • Ryder Ripps & Pauly: Have agreed to pay Yuga Labs $9 million in settlement. (@trypluid)

  • X: Or commonly still known as Twitter, has gone away with NFT avatars. (HA)

  • Pudgy Penguins: Breaks through the 14 ETH floor and is at the time of writing surged to a 14.45 ETH floor. (@thedropnft)

Azuki: New Year, New Goals ⛩️

Time flies and Azuki has just celebrated their 2nd anniversary!

With that, there are a ton of updates that we will cover below.

Azuki is focusing on three categories: Anime, Physical, and Gaming

In Azuki’s own words:

  • ANIME: “We’re excited to work with Goro Taniguchi, director of Code Geass, and Japan’s leading advertising and production agency, Dentsu, on the Azuki anthology series. The first episode is slated to release in Q2. We’re also investing in other short and long-form anime projects”.

  • PHYSICAL:We’re expanding our network of PBT products both in-house and through collabs. The line between physical and digital is blurring, and the PBT experience will deepen one’s connection with the Azuki IP. We look forward to sharing more about a new luxury brand collab later in the year, and coming up next is the BEANZ x BROWN gold toy”.

  • GAMING: “Our first hyper casual mobile game featuring BEANZ is slated to come out this year. We are exploring larger-scale games that can elevate the Azuki IP through interactive experiences at the intersection of anime, gaming, and web3”.

Azuki also released this amazing trailer video that is definitely worth the watch:

💡 More details:

  • Azuki is implementing a 4 tier collector status: Esteemed, Grand, Legend, and The Order

  • The tiers are granted based on the emblems earned in your collection

  • Your engagement in the Azuki ecosystem will be reliant on your potential to earn future drops

Looks like a big 2024 in-store of Azuki / Beans holders!

  • 17.5 Billion: The amount of crypto investments that were traded last week. (TB)

  • Vanguard: Removed all crypto offerings to customers, causing massive asset transfers. (CD)

  • MicroStrategy: Has BTC holdings worth $1B more than the market cap of the company. (BW)

  • Solana: Trader loses $5.7M in slippage to $9M memecoin trade. (MR)

  • Robinhood: Will list BTC ETFs as soon as possible. (TB)

  • Ethereum ETF: JPMorgan says there’s a 50% chance of approval by May. (TB)

GameStop Shutters NFT Marketplace 🛑

A year and a half after GameStop announced its NFT marketplace the video game retail chain has announced its shuttering of the entire operation along with its NFT wallet that it announced just months ago.

In an official statement by the company: “GameStop has decided to wind down our NFT marketplace due to the continuing regulatory uncertainty of the crypto space”

Although crypto regulation is always a looming concern, many are seeing straight through the statement - many are chalking up the closure due to fierce competition from marketplaces such as Blur and OpenSea commanding massive market share.

Yesterday had some MASSIVE NFT sales that had the entire space talking. Here are some highlighted below.

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Written by: Gannon Breslin

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