Creature Toadz Hacked

Belugias Sells out, What's Popping, Coinbase Features, And More

Oct 20, 2021

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🚨 Breaking News - Creature Toadz Hack 🚨

Disclaimer: This is a developing story, nothing is confirmed 

Late last night, Creature Toadz Discord got maliciously hacked. We stayed up to listen to Andrew Wang's Twitter space and as of right now, what we speculate is that it was more than likely an operational error (by a moderator) in which a hacker was able to configure a way to access the Discord through a phishing webhook via a shared screen. A (non-phishing) webhook is a reverse API that sends data to the Discord - for example: If you want tweets sent to a Discord channel you can create a webhook for that. Around 90 ETH was taken during this Discord hack. From what we understand the hacker was able to announce a mint page to the entire Creature Toadz Discord and the community rushed to mint on a fake address not knowing that it was a fake mint URL. 

This hack has been planned for around 20-30 days. It has been made known that the hacker's first transaction is through Binance (which you have to use a social security number through) and there are multiple people who know who the hacker is so the chickens are coming home to roost soon.

Before I could even finish writing this newsletter at midnight a wild turn of events occurred. The hacker sent back the ETH to Creature Toadz.

Then the unthinkable happened and the hacker come onto the twitter space and said it was all a "game". Moderators in the Twitter space were able to confirm that this Twitter account was attached to the Binance account. Here is the audio of the exchange below.

What's Dropping

  • Now Minting or Minting Soon: Lo-Fi and incredible art with Moonwalker FM, get some 8-bit bats from CryptoBats, Derpy Dragons are super cute, or get your scary on with Friday the 13th.
  • With an insane 89.3% staked and over 12k ETH traded on the secondary, Mutant Cats is just continuing a winning spree and currently has an available supply of just 293 out of their 10k run. Current floor is 1.67 ETH.
  • Jungle Freaks now has nearly 5,800 holders.
  • 0xVampire announced the upcoming 0xHunter drop at the end of October. Holders of 3 can mint 1 free, floor is currently 0.1 ETH.
  • Must be pet season because Vogu holders can now mint Mutts and Robotos holders can now mint Robopets.
  • Bored Ape #8585 - complete with King's Crown, Trippy fur and Heart Sunglasses, was purchased for 696.969 ETH on Tuesday afternoon. That's almost $2.7m for those who don't think purely in ETH which equates to a vacation home in Lake Tahoe.
  • Doodles and Party Degenerates both sold out earlier this week are seeing stable floors at around 0.92 ETH each.
  • Probably Nothing: ArtChick swept the Winter Bears floor on Tuesday afternoon. Sales have been robust since.
  • Facebook released a cryptocurrency wallet called Novi at F8 yesterday. How long until they're in the NFT game? Place your bets.
  • BYOPills continues to drop the most insane and well-produced teaser videos ever seen in this space. Floor has nearly tripled in the last two weeks and supply remains well below 10%. Feel free to buy this one at ask and help fund my much-needed future vacation home.
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club announced a Mutant Ape themed drop for Friday consisting of limited edition tees, a beanie, a hoodie and I will fight you for the skateboard deck. Drop is Friday at 1pm ET but do me a favor and just show up at 1:05pm ET.

14 Year Old Creates Belugies NFT

Abigail, who goes by @peachsundayYT on Twitter, is a 14-year-old YouTuber and avid NFT fan in high school who created @belugiesNFT. This project is centered around donating part of to profits to the beluga whale conservation organizations and a children’s hospital program known as the Sunshine Kids Foundation™ for Children with cancer.

Below is the wholesome moment when the Belugies sold out!

New Mint PFP Rankings


Coinbase NFT Partners with Artists for Launch

Coinbase is partnering with 4 artists and their NFT collections for the launch of the Coinbase NFT Marketplace. In case you missed the announcement in last week's newsletter, check it out here. As for the launch and partnership, here's what you need to know: Users will be able to join the NFT marketplace, create a profile, and sell their NFTs. Coinbase is also incorporating a "community" aspect, which is important since almost every NFT project has 3 major components for community: a Website, Discord, and Twitter. The Coinbase community aspect may not replace these 3 components, but there are 2M users who may not know anything different. Additionally, users will be able to easily mint on Coinbase NFT.


As for the artist collaboration, here's who Coinbase has partnered with: x0rart, a coder creating a series of smart contract puzzles; Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult, a collection of 10,000 wizards; Ghxsts, a collection of 272 hand-drawn NFT mythology; And MoonCats, a collection of 96 Genesis Cats and 25,344 Rescue Cats.

Owners of NFTs from these collections will be able to transfer them onto Coinbase NFT. As for any NFTs minted or purchased directly on Coinbase, you will be able to transfer those to any other marketplace (including Opensea) to sell if you so choose. So don't worry— Coinbase NFT isn't going to cut off access to other marketplaces, but they sure are spicing up the competition.

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