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DeGods Adds Bitcoin Collection

Ordinals inbound

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  • Digital collectibles are real. Yesterday someone bought a $160k in-game weapon skin in the popular first-person shooter game CS:GO. Check it out here. 

  • Pokemon Company may be working on Web 3 and NFT integration behind closed doors. Apparently, some of their recent job listings have requested NFT and blockchain knowledge. (IN)

  • the Australian Open NFTs allow holders to own a small portion of a digitized tennis court. Plots tied to winning shots have sold for high prices. (AO)

  • Square Enix just shared a trailer for its upcoming blockchain integrated video game, Symbiogenesis. (YT)

  • ICYMI: Instagram is shutting down its NFT program. We covered it all in yesterday's newsletter that you can read here.

DeGods Adds Bitcoin Collection ⛓️

In the past few months, we’ve heard more and more about Bitcoin NFTs, creating a new movement and market for these newly created/founded assets. Ordinals, as they’re called, are inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain that can be traded as conventional NFTs. However, currently, the markets exist primarily on Google Sheets/Discords. Infancy is the perfect word for this scenario.

Here's the announcement from DeGods:

DeGods, a collection based on the Solana blockchain, inscribed Block 776408 with 535 DeGods. These 535 NFTs were the tokens that were burned to decrease supply in the infancy of the project. This inscription gives these dead NFTs new life, in a totally different ecosystem. Along with a new life, these assets help usher the project into a new ecosystem. Ordinals are created by connecting inscriptions with 1 Satoshi. The inscription then contains media, which is in the form of on-chain data. This is what makes it an NFT, that is transferable.

  • Block 776408… All 535 DeGods have been inscribed on a single block.

  • On-chain… Contrary to other blockchain NFTs being able to use IPFS metadata for their media (i.e. picture/art/PFP), Bitcoin NFTs are inscribed with the media on-chain. We, at The Drop, have always preached about on-chain data. As long as the blockchain lives, your metadata remains secure and intact.

  • Details coming soon… With this being a recent move from the team, the DeGods have been communicating in a timely manner, differing from their recent bleak dispatching of information. More details regarding this venture will be released soon, as referred to in a Tweet by the team.

Experimentation with Bitcoin Ordinals is still in its infancy, but we’re seeing OGs of not just NFTs, but crypto in general, try and get a piece of the action. Ryan Carson is even remembered for making a 183 ETH acquisition of 15 Bitcoin Punks, right before his exit from Web3. Bitcoin is the global image of crypto. It’s the granddaddy. The entire crypto market moves with it. The sentiment changes with it. It remains and might remain for eternity, the pioneering asset of cryptocurrencies as we know them today. And if NFTs can be placed onto Bitcoin, this move by the DeGods will just be the start of what we will see blossom in the future. WAGMI.

For those considering minting please be aware of all the details!

Also, the DeGods team is legendary at marketing...

Incredible work by photographer @declanrmc

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