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  • DeGods SZN III Announced + HUGE open edition mint

DeGods SZN III Announced + HUGE open edition mint

Deekay Motion & Snoop Dogg to release open edition collection

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Here is the breakdown of today's newsletter:

🚀 Season III of DeGods Announced
🚨 DeeKay Motion & Cozomo (Snoop Dogg) open-edition collection NOW

  • Pixel Vaul has acquired the popular web3 NFT video game Wolf Game. 

  • Gamestop has finally pulled the plug on the NFT wallet they created during peak bull run. (DC)

  • A new smart TV from LG will allow viewers to access the Mallconomy Metaverse. (@mallconomy)

  • Amazon Prime members can claim a free NFT on the new Planet Mojo game. (@WeArePlanetMojo)

  • Well, it looks like Deekay Motion has something coming out on Thursday that is definitely worth keeping an eye on. (@deekaymotion)

  • Cryptopunk #4757 sold for 175 ETH or around $326,272. (@degeneratenews)

DeGods Launch Season III

The entire NFT space was waiting all day and night for the Season III drop. It ended up coming out in parts and with a little bit of mixed reviews.

💡 Here’s the breakdown:

  1. y00ts, the second collection is switching back to Ethereum after spending some time on polygon. This has been well received by the community.

  2. DeGods has an art upgrade including eliminating previous traits not liked by the community. You can choose the metadata from any season to display on your DeGod.

  3. To upgrade your DeGods you need to pay 333 $DUST which is about $750 USD.

  4. You have the ability to change your DeGod into a female “DeGodess”.

  5. You can earn DePoints by staking your DeGod. The points will be used in some gamified pack system. More on that soon.

It’s very important you read the thread above that gives the whole Season a breakdown in their own words…

Cozomo Medici and DeeKay Motion Team Up

In a rather unexpected turn of events, DeeKay Motion is teaming up with Cozomo Medici (Snoop Dogg) to release a new open edition collection with the help of Coinbase and FWB.

💡 Who?

Deekay has been a pioneer in this space for years with his incredible motion designs that have sold for tens of thousands. He is easily considered one of the most talented web3 artists currently. Cozomo (Snoop Dogg) is one of the largest collectors in web3 space and owns millions of $ worth of grail NFTs.

Here is just a small example of Deekay’s work

🚨 Drop Details

According to Cozomo, the drop occurs TODAY (Thursday Aug 10th) at 9 AM. The open edition drop will be available at “a very low price”.

Here is what else Cozomo had to say about the drop:


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Here is the mint below:

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