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Oct 21, 2021

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Women have been greatly underrepresented in the financial space, but NFT's have begun to level the playing field. Women are pouring into the NFT space, putting forth some of the most remarkable artwork and finding ways to give back to their communities. There are so many incredible women-led NFT collections out there. We reached out to a handful of them to ask where their inspiration comes from, and if they could encourage other women with one word of wisdom, what would they say? Featured are a few who got back to us!

Bull Market Girlfriends Curating 1/1 Collectibles


Bull Market Girlfriends is a wife and husband project that has turned into a dream partnership. The series of hand-drawn 1/1 collectibles were created using generative color palettes, and there will only be 2500 girlfriends ever created. The roadmap includes collaborations with charities, celebrities, models, musicians, and brands. The goal is to be the first 1/1 art NFT project to cross over in mainstream pop culture. Lindsay Lohan was one of the first celebrities to give approval back in September for one of these celebrity collaborations! You can view the digital gallery here.

Kris (wife / artist): "Go after your dream. Now. Don't wait! I've always dreamed of being a professional artist. I practiced all my life for it. Then we decided to make it happen and a week later Bull Market Girlfriends was launched. I could not imagine the traction we would have in my wildest dreams." 

Women & Weapons


Launching this week,Women and Weapons is a collection of 10,000 diverse, beautiful, and badass women. The artist, Sara Bauman is a multimedia visual artist from Dallas, Texas. The Women and Weapons project began with Sara’s genesis collection, inspired by her mother; a single mom, Iranian immigrant and breast cancer survivor. Sara says, "she is a shining example of the contradictory nature of all things that I like to highlight in my work." The genesis collection was swept up by Gary Vee, who requested more artwork to be made immediately, which prompted the creation of the Women and Weapons Mega Collection.

Sara (artist): "To the women out there, don't let anyone tell you, you can't do something. You can be and do anything you imagine. I'd also share my favorite quote with them by Robin Williams, "You're only given a little spark of madness, you mustn't lose it!"."

SolSisters Caring for Mother Nature


SolSisters are not only passionate about inspiring women, but also encouraging sustainability for the sake of the environment. The story of the SolSisters was developed with thoughtful intention in hopes to drive change and spread awareness on the alarming dangers that standard PoW blockchains have on the environment. Each NFT is algorithmically generated on the energy-efficient Solana blockchain, producing 7,360 SolSisters.

SolSisters holders will be able to mint modular NFT pieces that contain special elements, which will not only be visually beautiful art in their own right; they will also fit together to formulate new planets, to ultimately create the foundation of the Sisterverse.

Greta (CEO): "Stop second-guessing your worth, stop apologizing, stop waiting for an invitation to the table, and start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, because change and growth do not happen with ease, but it is worth it."

League of Extraordinary Women Celebrating Culture and Diversity


League of Extraordinary Women is a collection of 50 stunning hand-drawn digital illustrations Created by Leah Sams, celebrating the power of women. Leah Sams is an illustrator based in London. For this collection, she drew upon her childhood growing up in South East Asia (Malaysia) and her exposure to a rich variety of cultures, food, and people.One item from this collection was even picked up from the notorious World of Women Fund.

Leah (artist): "No matter what’s fashionable, who you’re with, or the situation you’re in, don’t lose sight of who YOU are as a person. With global trends moving so quickly, it’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace of modern life, but it’s important to be true to your identity, beliefs and to make time to do what you love."

Boss Beauties Empowering Young Women


The first NFT to be framed at the New York Stock Exchange! Boss Beauties are educating and empowering the next generation of women. This collection was inspired by the women and girls of My Social Canvas, which provides mentorship programs, internships and scholarships to women in High School and College. You can see how it works here.

Boss Beauties owners have access to exclusive masterclasses, book clubs, and free airdrops planned for 2022. Additionally, Boss Beauties is working on licensing deals with Target and Verizon, which owners will receive part of if their Boss Beauty is used in the collaboration!

Lisa (CEO): "You are valuable and you can make a difference. Your voice and your story matter. Any closed doors could just lead to a new opportunity!"

World Of Women


Lastly, there is no way we could go without mention of the collection that paved the way for many of these projects to exist as they do now. World of Women is a collection of unique, cool and diverse Women, leaving a mark in the NFT space! Although we didn't hear back from the artist, you can check out the collection here.

Written by Kayla Kilbride

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