Bitcoin Hits $50,000 USD

This is the first time since December 2021 that BTC has hit $50k

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We hope everyone had a great Super Bowl weekend with family and friends!

Yesterday Bitcoin hit $50,000 USD for the first time since December 2021.

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  • Franklinisbored: Legendary NFT influencer and trader Franklin sold his iconic golden ape for 275E ($668,827.5USD). (@thedropnft)

  • The Super Bowl: Had some interesting moments where Jack Dorsey was wearing a “Satoshi” shirt and President Biden tweeted bitcoin eyes to support the Chiefs? See here.

  • Deadfellaz: Announces “Bits” their bitcoin ordinal project that is launching TODAY. (@deadfellaz)

  • Mastercard launches NFT-powered soccer trivia game. (D)

  • Funko Pop: Is set to release its new collection, “Harry Potter Funko Pop NFT,” on January 23 at 11 AM PT. (BC)

Ether Rock Sales Keep Rolling In 🪨

One of the harder NFT memes to explain to a normie is the Ether Rock craze that truly never seems to fade. Sales have been picking up heavily in the past couple days as you will see below:

🪨 In the past couple days:

  • On Feb. 10 a rock sold for 160 ETH ($410,000 USD)

  • On Feb. 11 a rock sold for 180 ETH ($452,628 USD)

  • On Feb. 12 a rock sold for 200 ETH ($497,479 USD)

  • On Feb. 13 a rock sold for 279 ETH ($740,00 USD)

The rising tide in Ether Rock sales isn’t completely out of the blue. From Feb 14th to the 21st Sotheby’s is auctioning off an Ether Rock that is estimated to score between $500,000 and $700,000 USD. Speculators are looking to get there own before the auction occurs!

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Penguins Flipping BAYC? 👀

What many are calling the “flappening” might just around the corner.

🐧 What’s the “flappening”?

It’s a play on words with flippening in which Pudgy Penguins floor will flip or overtake Bored Ape Yacht Club’s floor. Holders of penguins have coined the word flappening due to of course a Penguin’s wings/flaps!

Is this actually possible or just another collection trying to stir the pot with the biggest project in town?

As you can see above, yes this is VERY possible - and more than likely due to the current momentum of Pudgy Penguins.

According to Blur on 2.13.24 at 4:00 CT:


Floor: 22.8 ETH
7 Day Change: -6.9%
7 Day Volume: 2380 ETH

Pudgy Penguins 🐧

Floor: 19.14 ETH
7 Day Change: +24%
7 Day Volume: 7319 ETH

As you can see, the Penguins are roaring up to the starting position and are poised to flip BAYC. Currently at the time of writing, the Penguins are 68 sales away from eclipsing BAYC in floor price. Although this is substantial (last week it got down to 10 sales) it is entirely possible if the sales keep rolling in as they have.

Will Pudgy Penguins Flip BAYC this week?

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  • Vladimir Putin: Says USD is the only weapon keeping the U.S. in power 👀 (TheBTCTherapist)

  • MicroStrategy: Bought another $37.2M of BTC - shocker. (D)

  • Ripple: Ordered to produce crypto sale info for SEC (P)

  • March 13: The target date for Dencun Upgrade from Ethereum developers (CD)

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Written by: Gannon Breslin

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