Jamie Dimon Hates Bitcoin

Animoca Brands Partners With Chess.Com

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  • VanEck: A 70 year old investment management firm that predominantly manages ETFs is partnering with NFT Paris and stated “Coming for your JPEGs”. See the announcement here.

  • Yuga Labs: Is bringing back the Dookey Dash video game in a new free-to-play “Unclogged” edition thanks to a partnership with game studio Faraway. (DC)

  • Vegas Golden Nights: The NHL team announced plans for an NFT collection for their fans with the help of Theta Labs. The NFTs are free and offer a chance at exclusive benefits: items for fans, on-ice photo opportunities, a chance to attend Golden Knights press conferences, and access to a luxury viewing lounge, and more. (CS)

  • Solana Mobile: After the success of the Saga phone, will launch their second crypto smartphone with upgrades and a cheaper price point. (CD)

  • Nakamigos: Suprise launched their “Crypto Trading Cards (1880-1979)” that puts a unique spin on meme fandom and retro baseball cards. (@Nakamigos)

  • Pudgy Penguins: Are still flying in floor price and currently are now above 19ETH! (OS)

  • Star Atlas: Is planning a 1,000-player stress test on private servers Wednesday to showcase Star Atlas' immersive environments. (DC)

Jamie Dimon Doesn’t Understand Bitcoin?

oof tough look…

The CEO of one of the largest banks in the world (JP Morgan) and you don’t know the basics of Bitcoin?!

Here’s the series of gaffs that CEO Jamie Dimon said on air:

  • He starts by horribly mispronouncing Satoshi Nakamoto by saying “Satashi”

  • Calls Bitcoin “the pet rock” and that “(it) does nothing”

  • Follows by listing the age old money laundering and criminal use cases for Bitcoin

  • When the panel states that Gold is limited in supply and so is Bitcoin he responds with “oh so you think so?” followed with “I think there’s a good chance that when Bitcoin, when we get to that 20 million Bitcoins, that Satashi is going to come on there, laugh hysterically, go quite, all Bitcoins are going to be erased. How do you know he is going to stop at 21?”

Our rebuttal:

  • Bitcoin’s mathematical supply is 21 million - not a single bitcoin more or less

  • Bitcoin has countless use cases that can be found here. 

  • Cryptocurrency only represents 0.34% of all transactions for criminal activity - a number that is a grain of sand comparison to cash (Forbes)

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Animoca Brands Partners With Chess.Com ♟️

Last year, “Anichess” an NFT chess game, raised $1.5 million and now are partnered with the largest online Chess community in the world - Chess.com

Along with this, five-time World Chess Champion and arguably one of, if not the best chess player in the world, Magnus Carleson is supporting it!

💡 Here’s the details:

  • Currently single player mode is only available but online multiplayer PVP mode is set to be launched in Q1 2024

  • The game will mix traditional chess strategy with NFTs known as “Orbs of Power” and will have web3 themes, spells, and storyline

  • The Orbs were released on the ETH blockchain back in August

The mission of Anichess is clear:

Check out Anichess here.

  • BlackRock: Surpassed $700M in Bitcoin holdings (@watcherguru)

  • Ethereum: Hits 18 month high at $2.7K (F)

  • ProShares: files for 5x leveraged and inverse Bitcoin ETFs for the ultra bulls and bears (BLOCK)

  • Coinbase: Is looking to dispute SEC authority in court (CT)

  • X (Twitter): Has received a money transmitter license in Utah with plans for peer-to-peer payments (RT)

  • Solana Wallets: Nearly 4k of them succumbed to phishing attacks this last month (@realScamSniffer)

Although too early to call it, it’s getting very close

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