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  • Giving Web3 a NEW Taste of Gaming: Bubble by Santiago Grau on Wild.xyz

Giving Web3 a NEW Taste of Gaming: Bubble by Santiago Grau on Wild.xyz

Bitcoin NFT 'Ordinal' Inscriptions On The Rise

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🫧 Bubble by Santiago Grau: A Game-Changing Web3 Experience on WIld.xyz
📈 Bitcoin NFT 'Ordinal' Inscriptions On The Rise

  • Bitcoin NFT 'ordinal' inscriptions experience a significant surge (CN)

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  • Get Protocol raises $4.5M to revolutionize ticketing using NFTs (CN)

  • Major Marketplace Breach on Ethscriptions Protocol (NNT)

  • Patrick Mahomes introduces Museum of Mahomes NFT platform (NNT)

  • Sui Network experiences transaction surge fueled by Sui 8192 (NNT) game

  • Drop subscriber exclusive: Get on the Allowlist to mint Bubble, a generative, dynamic NFT collection on Wildxyz (Join List)

Bubble by Santiago Grau: A Game-Changing Web3 Experience

Wild.xyz, a company helping artists and collectors navigate Web3 through artist residencies, a destination marketplace, and immersive worlds & experiences, is now releasing a brand-new collection from another amazing artist, Santiago Grau. Bubble, a generative collection that brings in a new element of gamification, is set to release on July 19th. What makes Bubble special is not just its art; it’s the way that you interact with your asset.

Every Bubble has a set of rules or stipulations that the owner must follow, including “list, sell, or offer price, and collector behavior patterns like holding period and listing period.” If the holder/trader follows the rules assigned to their Bubble, it will stay in its inflated state, which means it’s alive. If any rules are broken, the Bubble will deflate, causing it to be forever immortalized in its dead state. Santiago, who was born in 1982 during the rise of computers and video games is using “mathematical principles, physic simulations, genetic algorithms, and artificial intelligence” to give Web3 a new taste of gaming through this collection. And with this collection, we might even unlock a new meta of possibilities.

Wild.xyz is working on building an ecosystem of artists that are reimagining the connection between technology, art, and humanity. Artists, like Santiago, are using Web3 as their arena to catapult their visions, some of which have been present for decades. Web3 gives you a new way to build. Bubble is not just another NFT; it’s a way to play with the duality of man and machine. A way to test boundaries. Test patience. Test perseverance.

The Drop: Here are the details for the Bubble mint:

  • Website: Bubble by Santiago

  • Mint date: July 19th, 2023 (10AM Oasis EA holders, 10:30 Allowlist, 11:30 Public)

  • Price: 0.075 ETH Oasis, 0.08 Allowlist, 0.085 Public

Wild.xyz has also been generous enough to give our community Allowlist access, to sign up now CLICK HERE.

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