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Roofstock Sells A Web3 Home

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The Drop is ecstatic that we are a partner with Monuverse, a Crypto Art project pushing the world’s cultural heritage to the next level. Episode I is out, click here to join the allowlist now.

Monuverse is the virtual home of the most iconic monuments, a groundbreaking Web3 experience enhancing our historical legacy and making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

It all starts with Episode I: Arch of Peace, a 7777 NFT series by AI masters Ouchhh studio.

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  • Today at 3 pm PST the entire Drop team is sitting down with artist Terry Urban on Twitter Spaces for an interview and to cover his Kooks project that is minting on October 27th. If you haven't set a reminder make sure to HERE.

  • Many of us grew up reading the annual edition of Guinness World Records. The latest version has a section dedicated to cryptocurrencies. (bitcoin)

  • Loveless City sold out Egghead Jones, their first character drop from the Meta Mini collection. (twitter)

  • Shopify partners with Tezos blockchain to provide users with loyalty-based NFTs. (CT)

  • Crypto exchange Lemon has made it possible for their users to buy plane tickets as NFTs and receive cashback in bitcoin. (CD)

  • a16z launches an interesting Crypto Startup School, offering mentorship and advice from domain experts. (@a16zcrypto)

  • A variety of brilliant crypto start-ups have been selected by Ripple for the Creator Fund. (DT)

  • Project RASC reveals their artist to be artist @Dario_Desiena. (opensea)

  • The upcoming Web 3-focused smartphone by Solana may be more of a threat to competitors than expected. (TC)

  • Degen sweepers fired the dev responsible for the staking platform hack and will pursue legal action. (@Degensweepers)

  • ElixirNFT: Time for some more nectar information. Holders will be getting multiple PFPs from burning one of the Nectars. (@ElixirNFT)


Within the PFP world, cuteness is usually awarded, and if the art is also fantastic, that’s the cherry on top. There’s a new group of cute and loveable characters in our world: the Nyolings. This is a team that has been building since April and waited to mint while building their community. And because of that, they’ve garnered a genuine community that wants to grow naturally together.

The collection of 7,777 pieces was minted on October 13th in a multi-phase drop style. First, they had a public phase dutch-auction for 5,500 NFTs, with the starting value being 0.03 ETH and slowly progressing downwards to a resting price of 0.01 ETH. Then, they included a “Nyolist” which could mint for free after the first phase, thus limiting gas wars and working on stabilizing the floor from the start. Also, if you minted during the dutch-auction, you could claim a refund for the difference. For example, if you bought at 0.03 ETH and the auction went down to 0.01 ETH, you could claim the 0.02 ETH difference as a refund.

Now, let’s get to the art. Featuring fun and adorable 3D characters that give off Doodles vibes. Of the approximately 250 traits in the collection, there are an array of cool accessories and whimsical attributes. The team has created a collection that takes us back to the good ole days of the bull market. And based on the price action, we’re seeing quite a resemblance. At the time of writing, the floor is comfortable sitting around 0.17 ETH and climbing. To think that a project can do that in a bear cycle is beyond impressive. But when going back to the idea that this team has been building since April, it comes as no surprise that this project is already headed in the right direction. Nyolings, WAGMI. Welcome to the NFT world, finally.

Roofstock Sells A web3 House 🏡

Roofstock onChain, a web3 subsidiary of a marketplace that buys and sells renovated single-family homes geared for renting, has sold its first physical home leveraging digital ownership technology. The house, located in South Carolina, was tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain as an NFT, and listed on OpenSea. The buyer completed their financial and contractual acquisition through the blockchain, and now owns the physical home.

What we’re seeing is a glimpse into how digital contracts will bridge the physical and digital worlds in a seemingly natural and gradual way. Think about how you can use OpenSea to siphon through traits that are of interest to you or to look through so many portfolios of work to find something you desire. The digitization of physical goods such as homes will influence how homes are evaluated in light of the market options existing in aggregate form. Home buying hasn’t been subject to an interface in a similar fashion, although items such as collector sneakers have. The frictionless process of pursuing digital instantiations of physical homes and purchasing them will lower costs for sellers and buyers. If NFT-mediated home buying catches on, the business of home selling may favor whoever can most successfully scale listing homebuying options. That combined with a knack for digital expertise would go a long way for the future of "phygital" real estate.

Hadeswap Continues To Impress 🏪

Hadeswap has stepped in to give their two cents about creator royalty in the midst of the debate. “The goal of Hapeswap isn't and never was to ‘destroy royalties’ and put creators in a difficult spot. It was to lay the foundations for the inevitable fast-paced change this pace goes through every week, every month.” the Auto Market Maker tweeted.

The decentralized exchange-like alternative to traditional NFT marketplaces seems to have claimed a better model for traders and creators, and this has earned them the next option badge for NFT traders according to the data compiled by NFT marketplace Tiexo. Rather than use traditional NFT listings, Hadeswap relies on an automated market maker (AMM) format similar to decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap, for trading cryptocurrencies. NFTs are sold into liquidity pools, which earn trading fees for pool creators—and before today, royalties were disabled.

Yesterday, the AMM (automated market maker) announced that their full will allow pool creators to pay out royalties to collection owners. In addition to that, Hadeswap further stated that they'll be happy to support and deploy royalties anytime the space chooses to move in the enforcement route.

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