STEPN Integrates Apple Pay

Ledger Responds In A Big Way

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👟 STEPN integrates Apple Pay
🔐 Ledger makes some changes

  • Believe it or not, Bitcoin Ordinals volume has surged past Solana NFTs as the second largest chain for NFT sales. (CT)

  • Photographer Chen Man collaborates with Grimes for an interesting collection called “Silent Noise: Episode 01” which sold out within minutes. (@LiveArtX)

  • Recent big mints: Nike .SWOOSH and Doppelganger

  • Over the last month, Bitcoin NFTs have proven more popular than Solana NFTs. (CT)

  • Long-time move to earn platform STEPN recently integrated Apple Pay into their app, but at the cost of a 30% tax fee to their users. More below. (@Stepnofficial)

  • Solana Blockchain integrates ChatGP as an open-source plug-in. (CT)T

  • Latest leaks suggest Ubisoft is bringing their Raving Rabbids to Reddit's Collectible Avatars market.

STEPN Integrates With Apple Pay 🍎

How do we onboard the next 100 million users to web3?

This is a question that rattles around the community 24/7 on spaces, conferences, and everything in between.

STEPN is going in the right direction - no pun intended.

💡 What Happened?

  • STEPN users can now connect their credit card to Apple Pay and purchase NFT sneakers in app

  • Users will no longer need to have a crypto wallet to purchase in-game STEPN assets

A look into STEPN

👟 ICYMI: What is STEPN?

STEPN is every runner’s favorite web3 app. Going on a jog, run, or walk? You can get rewarded and purchase a in-game NFT sneaker. There’s trading, leveling up, renting, and much more.

  • To use STEPN, users must sign up with their email addresses and connect their wallets.

  • In the Game-Fi system, users wear NFT sneakers purchased by depositing SOL tokens in STEPN's in-app wallet.

  • Energy levels are replenished after 24 hours, and the amount of exercise a user can do is determined by the energy cap.

  • The energy cap is affected by various attributes such as resilience, efficiency, and comfort, and it restricts the supply of rewards.

  • STEPN has two tokens: the Green Satoshi token (GST) and the Green Metaverse Token (GMT). GST is the game's utility token, while GMT is the governance token with a limited supply of 6 billion.

Here’s what Huang (co-founder of Find Satoshi Labs, the company behind STEPN) had to say about the recent Apple Pay development:

With this Apple Pay integration we are making the user journey much more seamless, removing barriers to entry for all who want to move-to-earn, and ensuring that the Web3 space reaches a level of maturity it requires in order to go mainstream,”

Ledger Unveils Exciting New Steps 📈

Hold on to your crypto wallets! Ledger's CEO Pascal and the team have revealed their future roadmap, following the Ledger Recover incident.

The upcoming journey looks highly promising.

Ledger, Safety and Open-Source:

Ledger is accelerating its open-sourcing strategy, starting with Ledger Recover.

📸 Picture this: 
Ledger's Secure Element as a reliable shield, safeguarding the core system.

A global tech party, where Ledger invites everyone to examine and modify their code.

This promotes teamwork and transparency.

Lesson Learned?

The Ledger Recover saga taught valuable lessons. The team acknowledged communication errors, apologized, and appreciated user patience.

Ledger Recover strives to simplify seed phrase recovery while ensuring unwavering security for private keys.

🔐 Ledger & Security:

Ledger prioritizes security, protected by the dedicated Donjon team.

Their commitment to transparency is evident, with a significant portion of their codebase already open-source and further plans to unveil more of their operating system.

Open-Source Power:

Ledger's community-driven open source contributions, including over 150 applications, Ledger Live, and part of the operating system, highlight its power.

The launch of Ledger Recover reaffirms its mission to make crypto secure and accessible.


Ledger will open-source the "Ledger Recover" protocol, empowering users with greater control over their crypto assets. The tech team assures regular updates on the roadmap.

👥 What about the Community?

Ledger values user feedback and aims to make crypto secure and user-friendly.

Their Open-Source move prioritizes transparency, community collaboration, and security assurance.

With a focus on user safety amidst potential vulnerabilities in crypto transactions

💧 The Drop

We believe that the next steps of Ledger are important for fostering transparency and further growing the market. It is crucial to keep in mind that the success of Ledger's initiatives relies on execution, clear communication, and prompt addressing of security issues. Stay tuned for updates on the ongoing saga of Ledger.

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