The Tokyo Rebels Breakdown

Beeple's Art Fractionalized

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🇯🇵 The Tokyo Rebels Breakdown🎨 Beeple's art fractionalized

  • Metamask users in the US can now fund their wallets directly through PayPal, as the two join forces. (@MetaMask)

  • Morningstar Ventures launches an ambitious digital art gallery in Dubai to highlight tech and artistry in a fresh setting. (@Morningstar_vc)

  • NFT art project Nah Fungible Bones dropped yesterday, showcasing smooth and striking animations. (@nahfungiblebone)

  • Apple may be considering allowing users to download external apps outside of their app store. This could be huge for dapps that have been held back by previously instated rules. (DC)

  • Solana NFT platform Magic Eden is now rewarding users for trading on their platform. (CD)

  • By renaming “SubDAOs” to clubs, y00ts reveals plans to revolutionize the entire NFT ecosystem. (@yOOtsNFT)

The Tokyo Rebels 🇯🇵

Most of the time when a project gets rugpulled, there’s the notion that your money is gone; into the abyss. You get some art, which is sometimes eye-watering and you have to chalk it up as a total loss. While only a select few projects get acquired by the community and resurrected most of the time that is a long shot dream. However, for the project Tokyo Ten, the impossible came true and the project transcended into what we now know as, Tokyo Rebels.

A group of builders, who couldn’t see this project die, came together to build the new 10,000-piece collection. They gave owners of the original collection first dibs while opening the rest of the collection to the public; pretty much for free. This dystopian and cyberpunk-themed body of work is the first stage in the team’s secretive roadmap. The Rebels portray characters that look like Not much has been released. What we do know is that we’re about to hunt.

  • The lore is the heart of it… Tokyo Rebels is more than just a project; it’s an NFT community with mechanisms to grow and flourish together. Although its citizens are arriving from a shattered past, what drives them to relate to each other is their strong devotion to the community. You can check out the lore for yourself and dive right in here.

With 10 Chapters of lore The Tokyo Rebels are never short of creating the ultimate journey for its holders.

  • CyperPunk vibes… The virtual world of Tokyo Rebels is set in the dystopian cyberpunk-themed year of 2260. A general cloak of mystery and suspense saturates the environment with members finding out the next phases of the project at random times.

  • Interactive hunt… On December 21st the project is going to launch the Rebel Hunt. In this episode of the roadmap, citizens will join forces to discover secrets and earn prizes within the Tokyo Rebels universe. See all details of the hunt below.

  • Community-controlled governance… Another episode of the roadmap includes the issuance of the Tokyo $YIN token. This token will fuel the ecosystem’s P2E and it will also allow citizens to have a direct say in how community funds are directed and spent.

  • Doxxed team… The project's core team, aka The Guardians, are fully doxxed: Christopher Ruiz | Artist & Worldbuilder @rnoxx Jordan Grosso | Project Manager | @realmoon_lander Alex Andre Guintu | Art Developer |@0x_alxndre Anthony Enders | Lore Writer |@AmbergrisCrypto 

  • The Guardians are the heartbeat… The Guardians listed above are always active within the community. Not only do they engage themselves but they take note of those members who engage and add value and rank up their NFTs. This will help them in the hunt, and other community-based activities in the future.

  • Transparency… Although the Guardians are keeping the overall roadmap under wraps, they are nonetheless transparent: where it matters. For example, the Guardians have revealed the address of the multi-sig wallet that holds the community funds. This confirms their goal of being open with their holders, and creating an open dialogue with the space, as a whole.

💡The DropProjects that devote themselves to the idea of storytelling and community engagement are for the long run. While the floor price for this project is low, we at The Drop believe in builders that want to create and flourish over time, and we also believe that lore is at the center of that. Every big project has created a story that invokes interest from its holders, thus decreasing supply, and maybe creating some demand. That’s what execution truly is. Good luck on the hunt, Rebels. We are just now beginning the journey!

🚨 Important Links For The Tokyo Rebels:

Beeple's Art Wormholed To Solana 👀

Over the past weeks, after announcing its entry to Solana with The 50 punks of Solana, we’ve seen Wormhole, an Interoperability protocol that bridged some CryptoPunks from Ethereum to Solana. 4 CryptoPunks have successfully been transferred and fractionalized into 1000 pieces for grabs courtesy of Alternative marketplaces in Solana like Tensor, Hyperspace, and Hadeswap. Yesterday another artwork was wormholed to Solana but this time it wasn’t a CryptoPunk but instead one out of Beeple’s Everydays collection "EVERYDAYS 1/1/21 #37/100." Just like the Cryptopunks, It has been broken down into 1000 pieces to be traded at 1.69 SOL per piece on Solana marketplaces with 51% of fraction owners having the option to vote to sell the piece and share the proceeds according to ownership distribution.

This is happening a month after Beeple replied to an article from Decrypt on Metaplex apologizing after initially announcing Beeple NFTs on Solana that there was nothing agreed upon to bring his work to Solana. But it looks like Wormhole has sorted that out and is now waiting on him to confirm his Solana address for royalties.

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