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Did Vitalik Drop An NFT Project?

We clear up the rumors + Web3 Spotlight: Karsen Daily

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Here is the breakdown of today's newsletter:

πŸ“ˆ Gitcoin Presents project moons overnight🎨 Web3 Creator Spotlight: Karsen Daily

  • Starbucks Odyssey project pops off with their limited "Siren Collection", selling out and doing numbers on secondary. (CD)

  • Block Inc may be working on a DIY bitcoin mining kit in hopes to gear more attention toward BTC mining. (DC)

  • NFT-endorsed animated series Krapopolis has proven popular, as it has been renewed for its third season. (@Krapopolis)

  • ICYMI: Amazon sets to release its own NFT marketplace. We cover all the details here in our recent publication. (thedropmedia.co)

  • Coinbase announces Wallet as a Service (WaaS). Now any company can seamlessly onboard their users to web3 and build out fully customizable crypto wallets for their customers. This is a big deal. (CB)

  • Leaked texts from Binance show that they plan to elude U.S. authorities. It's safe to say it has not been a good month for the crypto exchange giant. (WSJ)

  • Miami NFT Week is fast approaching (March 31st-April 2nd). You can check out all the details here.

Did Vitalik Create An NFT Project? ⛓️

We will answer this question right out the gate: No, not really.

However, there is a good reason that Gitcoin's Quadratic Funding NFT collection has exploded in popularity over recent days that does indeed involve the creator of Ethereum (Vitalik).

πŸ’‘ What happened?

In just a couple of days, Gitcoin Presents' floor has skyrocketed from 0.05 ETH to now at the time of writing 0.4 ETH. Rumors were flying around that Vitalik created an NFT project (which turned out to be not true). However, Vitalik DID give his stamp of approval on this project as we will explain below.

This NFT collection is all about celebrating Vitalik Buterin, the dude who created Ethereum and rocked the world with some Web3 funding goodness. Metalabel teamed up with Gitcoin, a Web3 funding platform, to make this happen, and they launched it on March 1st.

πŸ’‘ What's the TL, DR?

Metalabel has released a collection of NFTs commemorating the creation of the concept of quadratic funding. Each NFT includes a digital version of the "Liberal Radicalism" whitepaper signed by Vitalik Buterin and his co-authors, as well as two essays about quadratic funding from Gitcoin co-founders. The project raised over $781,000 for public goods projects, with funds being channeled back into Gitcoin's matching pool and to the Plurality Institute. Metalabel is a new framework designed to allow artists to create and collaborate on a shared newsletter, music releases, or other work without starting a new company.

Web3 Creator Spotlight 🎨 Karsen Daily

If you are on web3 or NFT Twitter you have probably come across Karsen Daily. She is a crypto pioneer with a background in marketing and brand development. After refining her interest in internet/pop culture and its impact on traditional business models in her corporate career, she launched her own marketing and production agency. She has since consulted with many brands, artists, and founders in the Web3 space and launched many of her own blockchain-based projects.

πŸŽ™οΈ The Karsen Daily Show

Karsen continues to be at the forefront of the crypto culture movement, using her expertise and passion to help others embrace the transformative potential of blockchain technology. She also hosts her own podcast, "The Karsen Daily Show", where she spotlights creators, brand builders, and figureheads in and beyond the world of Web3.

πŸ’‘ Where can you find Karsen?

This is definitely a chart worth seeing...

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