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BLUR Launches Lending Platform

This should shake things up

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Here is the breakdown of today's newsletter:

👀 BLUR Introduces NFT Lending 

  • Pharrell and Adidas just dropped a new set of digital clothing for Doodles. (DC)

  • Yuga Labs just picked up the former Executive Vice President of Epic Games to fill the role of CTO. They have worked on games such as Fortnite. (@nftnow)

  • Metas' investment into developing their metaverse has resulted in a nearly $4B loss and is expected to take some time to recover. (CT)

  • NFT trading platform Blur introduces Blur Lending (AKA "Blend"), a buy-now-pay-later program for better or worse of the market. Someone has already picked up an Azuki NFT utilizing this new method. (@blur_io)

  • Google Cloud will soon be launching a Web3 startup program in partnership with multiple blockchains. (CP)

BLUR Lending (BLEND) Begins 👀

Just yesterday the NFT marketplace that has completely shaken up the space this past year announced BLEND, a peer-to-peer lending protocol for NFTs.

💡 Explain it to me like I’m 5: 

Let’s say you want to own a BAYC but you don’t have the amount of coin to fork up the upfront cost. With BLEND you can buy a percentage of the NFT and then finance the rest. Think of a house mortgage but for NFTs.


NFT holders of expensive pieces who need liquidity can borrow against their NFT without needing to sell.

💡 Pros vs. Cons

An obvious con is historically speaking it’s never the best idea to buy something you can’t afford. The argument that BLUR is making is that every trillion-dollar industry has fractional ownership vehicles and the only way NFTs can aspire to do the same is through a similar method. Lending in this format should cause an incredible uptick in liquidity. Think about it, traders could buy/sell/trade percentages of blue chip NFTs rather than the entire stake as a whole.

Here’s the official statement by BLUR below:

Currently, BLEND is live for 3 collections: CryptoPunks, Azuki, and Miladys but will likely expand to every project trading on BLUR soon.

Definitely worth the read…

(in reference to BLUR lending)

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