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Trump's Second Collection Sells Out

$PEPE goes crazy

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gm, Happy Friday!

Here is the breakdown of today's newsletter:

😅 Trump sells out his second NFT collection📈 $PEPE goes crazy

  • Cool Cats announce Shadow Wolves which can only be minted by burning Fractures. Shadow Wolves NFTs are the newest PFP collection in the Cool Cats ecosystem, with a maximum collection size of 11,575. Find out everything you need to know about Shadow Wolves here.

  • Moonbirds announces "$TALONS" which is a point reward system to replace its previous nesting system.

  • Nike will soon be dropping its "OurFource1" NFT collection on .Swoosh. Purchasable with ETH on Polygon, the collection pays homage to the classic Air Force 1s. (@dotSWOOSH)

  • People are staking ETH like crazy lately, enough to surpass daily withdrawals for the first time in a while. (CT)

  • Old school cartoons go modern, The Smurf's Society auction is now live. (@SmurfsSociety)

  • NFTs have been incredibly quiet this week due to high trading volume in some new meme coins, the most notable being $PEPE. (CD)

Trump's Second Collection Sells Out

Back in December of 2022, former President Donald Trump (DJT) released an NFT collection of digital playing cards that depicted him in different characters. The mint sold out within 24 hours, and the floor price of the project skyrocketed to more than double its mint price. If you had a 1 of 1 from the collection, you could’ve sold that card for 6 ETH, just days after selling out. Now, he’s back with his second collection. Kinda soon don't you think?

On Tuesday of this week. DJT announced that he is releasing a second NFT collection, comprising 47,000 NFTs at a price of $99 each. With this announcement being a surprise, many people were confused as to why he would release a new and larger collection so soon after the first. Alongside that confusion, the floor price of the first collection started dipping hard, with the floor sitting around 0.14 around the time of writing.

We will cut through the noise for you on the second collection:Similar design. Similar perks. Not the best combo.

Needless to say, the second collection sold out in less than 24 hours which is still impressive considering it was a 47,000-unit collection. Currently, it holds a 0.15 ETH floor price and has already done over 13,000 ETH in trading volume. Where will the floor go? We have no idea but for now it looks like the hype is done "hyping" of the first collection.

ICYMI: A meme coin $PEPE has rocketed to the moon in the past few days. Some people made fortunes overnight.

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