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Gucci Otherside Pendant Drop

Yuga Labs does it again

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Here is the breakdown of today's newsletter:

💍 Yuga Labs Gucci Pendant🚀 Applied Primate Launch

  • Uniswap's NFT platform serves as an example of some decentralization issues. (CD)

  • 20k pixel project Nakamigos is booming, recently surpassing 16,000 ETH traded in just a mere matter of days. (OS)

  • Jack Daniels taps into augmented reality project alongside Yahoo Creative Studios. More info on it here. (@JackDaniels_US)

  • A "crypto fugitive" was recently arrested on charges of fraud in the US. (BB)

  • 9dcc will be dropping a fresh line of baseball caps in NYC on April 12, available as a claim for Admit One holders. (@9dccxyz)

  • Amazon may be revealing a bunch of NFT related ideas this month, including artists to be featured on their marketplace and a huge Prime Day promotion. (BW)

  • Trump NFTs skyrocketed after the recent indictment. (CD)

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Yuga Labs Gucci Pendant 💍

The NFT GOATs have done it once again, and this time, with a fashion powerhouse that prides itself on being one of the earliest Web3 adopters. Yuga Labs announced this week that they are partnering with Gucci for their next stage in the Otherside journey. The initiative, called KodaPendant, is the first project that the two giants have planned for the future of their relationship.

💡 What's new?

  • According to the website, “The KodaPendant, an Otherside Relic by Gucci, is a digital and physical piece that represents Gucci’s entry into Otherside.”

  • Consisting of 3,333 assets, Otherside holders with Kodas will automatically be eligible to claim a KodaPendant, resulting in 2 NFTs: one with the Otherside and one with the Koda. Otherside plots with Kodas currently exist in a singular NFT, but this decoupling is going to be required if you want to claim a KodaPendant.

  • All remaining Otherside holders can claim a Vessel, which then requires a decoupling, just like the Kodas. In the case of the KodaPendants, Vessels and Kodas go hand in hand; if you hold either, you can claim the Gucci drop.

Once the KodaPendant is purchased, your Koda or Vessel NFT will update its metadata to reflect the addition, resulting in new images of your asset, featuring Gucci imagery. “Purchasing the metadata update for Vessels yields the same results as purchasing the update for Kodas, with the exception of the visual art update is more incremental as the Vessels “evolve” into Maras and Kodamaras.” Along with the new images, KodaPendant holders will also be able to claim a 925-sterling silver pendant and chain featuring a Koda with the iconic GG symbol. Each pendant will also have the digital edition of your unique Koda, thus making it a 1/1 in essence.

💡 The DropNFTs have been in limbo for the past few months, creating a sense of uncertainty for many in the marketplace. But with initiatives like this, we must recognize that what Yuga is doing is not the norm. It is elitist. It is elegant. They are taking the path to luxury Web3 goods, which has been their mission for quite some time, further cementing their unwritten goal of being a status symbol, not only for Web3ers but also for real-life fashion collectors. Scarcity breeds greed. And Yuga knows this. WAGMI.

Applied Primates Launches “Sentinel’s” Today 🚀

This past weekend, AppliedPrimate’s First season ended with a bang heard 'round the Metaverse. As their Mega Mutant Melee was coming to a close and an epic battle was just about to commence, six Mega Mutant Apes disappeared into thin air. A threat detected by radar, teased by a twitter account for a few weeks, turned out to be a Celestial Mega Koda with an urgent message requesting help. Doc Gibbons and Avila have teamed up to activate the MegaForce Sentinels to find the Mega Mutants, kicking off the project's ambitious second season.

Also on board for the second season is legendary Magic the Gathering creator, Richard Garfield, who will advise on the project's gameplay strategy built around the MegaForce collection This marked the end of a year of storytelling and activations as the team is looking forward to MegaForce Sentinels mint starting on April 5th at 12PM EST.

DeGods have been everywhere recently. If you want an excellent refresher course on how the team has positioned itself into an NFT powerhouse here is an incredible thread to read.

Sponsored Content: This newsletter was sponsored by Awaken.

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