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Gucci's Bored Ape Yacht Club Collab

Otherside 2nd Trip + Legends of Mara Details

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Here is the breakdown of today's newsletter:

👀 Gucci's New BAYC Collab🌍 Otherside 2nd Trip Success📍 Legends of Mara Announcement

  • One of the OG youtube memes the “Nyan Cat” will be joining Reddit’s next digital collectibles collection. See the announcement here.

  • The migration to Polygon for y00ts has begun! (@frankdegods)

  • Speaking of Reddit, CEO Huffman announces phase 3 of Reddit Avatars and their plans to build an NFT marketplace. Check it out here.

  • NFT-TiX just landed a deal with the massive EXIT Festival, a four day concert in Serbia . (@nft_tix)

  • Doodles’ Genesis Boxs open on March 31st.

  • Microsoft’s Edge teases out a crypto wallet…probably nothing. (@thebookisclosed)

  • Hackers recently exploited the Ronin Bridge for nearly $625M. (CD)

  • Content creators and influencers in France have been banned from promoting crypto and NFT projects online. (CS)

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Gucci x Bored Ape Yacht Club 👀

There's no question that Bored Ape Yacht Club has the most dominant market share in the entire NFT space. With this comes the spoils of being able to collab with some of the biggest name brands in the world.

According to a Yuga Labs representative via Decrypt, the collaboration with Gucci is a "multi-year partnership designed to extend the engagement between their respective communities, by exploring the intersection between fashion and entertainment in the metaverse".

💡 Is this Gucci x BAYC's first collab?

Technically no it is not. Gucci is no stranger to web3 and was actually one of the earliest luxury brands to jump into the space. Last year Gucci was in collaboration with 10KTF which Yuga Labs (parent company of BAYC) had acquired in November 2022. 10KTF was a digital fashion project.

💡 Gucci also stated:

Existing in a world where physical and digital realms collide, and are shaped by creative storytelling, the first activation in the partnership will give a glimpse of Gucci’s participation in Otherside, Yuga’s gamified, metaRPG universe, beginning this week

What does this all mean?

It's quite obvious that Gucci wants to be THE luxury brand of the metaverse. This continuous collaboration will come in handy when the Otherside is completed and players could possibly purchase Gucci digital fashion items to kit their players with.

Otherside 2nd Trip 🌍

On Saturday we got to experience Yuga Lab's 2nd trip experience. Over 7,000 players dove into the exhilarating Otherside metaverse experience and the feedback was amazing to see.

💡 What's this all about?

A quick refresher for those who aren't aware: Yuga Labs created a metaverse/web3 gaming wing named "Otherside". So far they have had 2 virtual world experiences that one could chalk up as gaming demos. Each "trip" has objectives and points that players can compete with. Yuga Labs has continuously shown that it is leaning into web3 gaming and so far their Otherside metaverse has been nothing but impressive.

Legends Of Mara Announcement 📍

Yuga Labs is working double overtime and after the Otherside 2nd trip extravaganza they announced the Legends of Mara.

Here's a quick rundown:

  • When Otherside minted buyers were given a plot of land called an "Otherdeed". If you were lucky on this Otherdeed could of revealed a "Koda" creature.

  • According to Yuga, Kodas are the primary keepers of Otherside. In Legends of the Mara, they are by far the most adept when it comes to farming, enchanting, and hunting.

  • Each Otherdeed land holder can claim a "vessel" and soon you will be able to decouple your Kodas from your Otherdeed.

  • The vessels can then grow into "Mara" and develop more skills.

  • In May we will likely get more news about Kodas, Otherdeeds, and Mara!

Yes, we are aware that this whole Yuga Labs metaverse is expanding at an incredible rate and becoming quite laborsome to keep track of. However, Will billions of dollars at play this truly is the most important saga in the NFT space and something everyone should keep tabs on.

Hopefully, this breakdown was helpful and you consider sharing this article to a friend!

This truly puts into perspective how much Bitcoin DeGods are making a splash in the Ordinal space.

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