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What's Dropping ⚡️

  • New crypto laws are proposed, including taxing miners and no taxes on crypto transactions under $200. Full bill here.
  • A film about Vitaliks' upbringing and development of the Ethereum contract at a young age is being brought to light in Hollywood by a big-name producer. Infinite Machine Twitter.
  • NFT comic book Huxley has caught the attention of Marvel Studios. They will be making it into a movie, check out the amazing trailer right here.
  • Coinbase halts the hiring process and basically ghosted potential employees they were onboarding. Though they have at least given them a great recommendation, Twitter users are not happy about this.
  • 18% of companies listed on Forbes's annual Fintech 50 List are crypto companies. Our favorite crypto exchange FTX made the list as well! Forbes.
  • Paypal finally makes it possible to transfer funds to a number of different wallets and exchanges.
  • SalesForce is introducing their NFT cloud that helps users mint and sell NFTs. We'll admit, it feels a bit "Web 2".
  • Ticket requests for Apefest went live yesterday.
  • MFers are holding a virtual event today with a live DJ set atop a metaverse high rise.
  • The single private key that can mint new Bored Apes has been burned by Yuga Labs, preventing any future difficulties in that department.
  • Huge project Smilesss announces they are teaming up with Steph Curry of the Warriors for Ballhead collection.

 Meta x Crayta Announcement 🕹

Last summer Meta bought Unity 2 Games and acquired its content-generating tool named Crayta. Today Zuck announced the launch of Crayta on Facebook gaming. He delivered the news with a video of him demonstrating just how easy it is to use Crayta to build environments. This is the distinction he is trying to emphasize in order to distinguish Crayta from Roblox. Crayta doesn’t depend on a user’s native hardware to render the game, this is facilitated entirely by Meta’s cloud platform. This sophisticated feature means that players will be able to run games and build environments on their phones.

Alternatively, Zuck could have created a decentralized rendering protocol that uses the collective power of people’s GPUs to facilitate the rendering. But it is well known that Zuck is not invested in decentralization; he prefers to preserve monopolies despite the sentiments he shares about democratizing virtual world-building. The acquisition and launch of Crayta is a power move on Meta’s part since they will make virtual world-building accessible at a scale previously unheard of and they will privately own all of the productive tasks that users generate within Crayta. 

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