Goblintown Founders Revealed

Jay Z & Dame Dash NFT Court

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What's Dropping ⚡️

  • Turns out it wasn’t Yuga, Larva Labs or Beeple that was behind Goblintown, it was actually Truth Labs the whole time. (more on that below)
  • Fear weighs heavy on the market as crypto continues to dip. Rest assured, we'll be rising from the depths soon.
  • Wholesome project Odd Friends drop odd pets collection and continue to build with their heads down. Let's see how they come out when the smoke clears. Many see a blue-chip project in the making.
  • Chevy is auctioning off "Minted Green" Corvette NFT. The winner of the auction will also receive the one-of-a-kind vehicle (2023 Corvette). The auction goes live on Jun 20. (The Verge)
  • ENS domains see no lack of investors as huge sales press on despite market conditions. (Nomics)
  • Open Sea implements sea port protocol, allowing collection bids and removing paywall.
  • Madonna continues to pop up throughout the metaverse, as she announces her performance at NFT NYC after party. (NFT evening)
  • Sartoshi (anonymous leader of MFers collection) says peace out to the metaverse in the midst of dropping his final collection. This comes as no surprise though, as they announced beforehand this would be the case. (Mirror XYZ)
  • Jim Carrey launches an auction of his insane digital art piece "Sunshower". Bidding closed just last night. (SuperRare)
  • Imagine going from doodling in the margins to Snoop Dog owning your art in six months. RektGuys artist OSF has done just that. "Tweet
  • Angry Ape Army is a project that continues to build and claims to have a great announcement come August. Their art is fantastic too. (Angry Ape Army)

Goblin Founders Revealed 👀

ₐₐᵤᵤg ₐₐᵤᵤgg goblins!! The day has finally come. We know who is behind Goblintown.wtf, and they aren’t who anyone expected. We were all very surprised that this secret stayed hidden for so long, and the execution that was utilized to bring the goblins to the top 50 all-time OpenSea rankings. Let’s break this down.

For 3 weeks now, we have been getting “reveal” videos via Twitter (no Discord) that show us the characters behind Goblintown. Throughout this “reveal” process, there were no names released nor leaks of potential identities. People speculated that it was Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, even Beeple; or a combination of the three. People even found a Yuga Labs slide deck that mentioned “goblins” and made the inference that Yuga was behind Goblintown. But, the team has been doxxed as of June 14th as Truth Labs, the same group behind the IlluminatiNFT project.

This team is comprised of 12 individuals from different backgrounds. Instead of going into who the team is, we should specifically talk about what they have achieved in such a short amount of time. Goblintown has surpassed the 36k ETH volume mark on OpenSea. Along with the volume overload, this project has created a narrative that revolves around having fun without a roadmap. For example, the community talked about burgers since they minted the goblins, and 2 weeks later, there was a burger claim. Along with that, the community has been using the phrase “Gary Pee Sauce” very often. To pay homage, the team made “pee sauce” one of the burger toppings.

This team is changing the narrative on the freedom of NFT project roadmaps. Rather than start with a roadmap, this team has been creating the roadmap throughout. They say “no roadmap” but there is a symbolic roadmap and it’s created by the community. NFTs are about bringing people together under a brand that builds utility and is new, innovative, and exciting. Goblintown has achieved that trifecta. Can’t wait to see what else this team is capable of. The sky is the limit. Keep the floor dirty. WAGMI.

 NFT Court: Jay Z vs. Dame Dash 🎙

A year ago Dame Dash tried to auction off his share of Roc-A-Fella records as an NFT. It was going to be sold through NFT sales platform SuperFarm. JAY-Z filed a lawsuit against Dame for auctioning off virtual ownership of Roc-A-Fella. claiming that this is a breach of fiduciary duty. After sending a warning to SuperFarm, the platform halted the auction that was slated to be held from June 23-25. SuperFarm was thrilled to host this auction, marketing it as a milestone for NFTs since it would entitle the owner of the NFT to future revenue from a real asset

The court has just ruled that Dame Dash reserves the right to sell his portion of the company. JAY-Z’s decision to sue Dame Dash was primarily to ensure that people didn’t get the false impression that JAY-Z’s work was up for sale since he’s fought fiercely to guarantee ownership over his own work. Ultimately it is within Dame’s rights to sell his ownership and to sell it as an NFT if he desires. If Dame does end up auctioning off his fractional ownership as an NFT, it will serve as a powerful example of how NFTs can innovate the process of transferring and packaging property rights.

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